How to use Pinterest to Market Your Creativity

If you think Pinterest is a website strictly marketed for the female demographic, you would be very wrong. Although, at the moment Pinterest has an 82% female user rate, it’s only a matter of time before that begins to balance out. Perfect for pretty much anyone, Pinterest is can be a valuable tool to market your skills and creativity, giving them a platform that millions will have access and be exposed to.


So how do you go about this? Well, essentially Pinterest is a visual social networking tool. If you’ve got a vision, then this is where you show it off. There’s no limit to the range of creativity here. A few examples might include web design, infographics and photography.

Whatever your talent, there’s a place on Pinterest where others will want to see it. But making sure the maximum amount of people do can prove tricky. Here are a few methods of increasing your visibility:

–          Sharing other images (pins) that inspire you. A great key to marketing yourself is marketing other more influential people first. Follow them and repin their creative pieces. Once they’ve seen that you are helping them, they will be much more inclined to reciprocate.

–          Your content should be labelled creatively and interestingly. If your photographs are of a street in Barcelona, then it would be inadvisable to simply describe your board as ‘A street in Barcelona.’ Try to be imaginative. This way, it will appeal to a wider crowd of people.

–          Ensure your Pinterest boards are optimised as best as possible. Remember, although it’s primarily a visual networking site, you can still use the written word to make sure you’re high on the search rankings. Each pin can hold a 500 word description. Use every word. Make it unique.

–          Update on a regular basis. If you want people to see your work, then you’ve got to keep up with demand. Posting steadily 2-3 times a week initially would be advisable.

–          Engagement and community are two of the most powerful tools you could use to market your own creativity. By regularly communicating and engaging with your target audience, they will begin to see you as a person, rather than a faceless entity on a board. You can share interests and inspirations with people, whilst also marketing your own endeavours and getting their opinions of them.



By using these ideas and building on a concept of trust, recognition and engagement, the aim should be to get others to market and promote your own work, not just via Pinterest but through other social media platforms that connect to Pinterest like Facebook and Twitter.


Rachel Hurley works for Appliances Online during the day writing about washing machines and the like. By night, she also has her own Pinterest board, which can be found here.

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