Numerous internet services now offer the ability to set up an internet channel and broadcast live video on it. TVUBroadcast is one of these services

and a wonderful free way to set up a live video broadcast over the internet. Amongst other great features, it offers us multiple sources to select our video feed from.

The desktop version of the online service is 2.1MB to download, compatible with Windows operating systems, and requires you have installed Windows Media Encoder 9 series (which is a 9.45MB download).

Once you have installed the desktop application, it will take you the webpage of TVUBroadcast where you can sign up for a new account.

Once you have created an account and signed in, proceed to create a new channel.

You will be redirected to page where you enter the details of your channel such as its name, description, you location, etc.

After the channel’s creation, head back to your account and choose your channel.

Now go to the SOURCE tab to select the source of your broadcast.

The source can be video (either with or without audio), a live stream from a URL, or you can select to broadcast a Windows Media Video file.
You can use the OPTIONS tab to select the broadcast port and bandwidth for your channel.

Once you have set all preferences, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on START.

Once you click on the START button, your broadcast begins and you can view it in the URL of your channel or in the MONITOR tab of your dashboard.

If you are interested in setting up a live video broadcasting channel, give TVUBroadcast a try and use the comments to let me know what you think.

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