How to Modify the Bubble Screensaver of Windows 7

The bubble screensaver of Windows 7 may be the Windows 7 users’ favorite screensaver. In fact, these transparent bubbles can become solid and metallic balls through a little modification.

The operation is simple as below: Start-Run-Regedit. After the Registry Editor is opened, locate in: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER? Software?Microsoft?Windows?Current Version?Screensavers?Bubbles”. Right-click on the blank in the right pane to new build a “DOWRD (32 bit value)” and name it as “Material Glass”. Then double click the “Material Glass” and input the value “0” in the popup window. Finally, save the modification and exit the Registry Editor.

Now you can open “Personalization”-“Screen saver” and choose bubble to preview the effect.

About Bob:
Bob is a freelance writer and software developer for  registry cleaner for Windows

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