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How to get Windows 8 touchpad gestures working on your old Dell laptop

I purchased a Dell laptop in early 2010 and getting drivers from Dell for laptops that old is impossible. On the bright side, there are other laptop manufacturers, like Gateway, who have maintained up to date drivers.

I upgraded to Windows 8 around a month back and as part of the process, I had to uninstall my incompatible touchpad drivers. The result was that over the past month I have missed even the simple scroll on my touchpad.

After a good amount of hunting, I came across this post in the Windows 8 Forums. These drivers are released by Gateway for their latest laptops but work perfectly with my Dell.

Download the zip file (Download links at the bottom of this post), unzip the file and run the setup program. You’ll need to restart your laptop once and you’re mouse properties should have the new tabs, including the new gestures tab below.

ALPS Touchpad

I could get the gestures to work by swiping from outside the touchpad i.e. the non-touch sensitive section of your laptop.

Download Alps Touchpad v8.100.2020.112 For Windows 8 from Gateway
Gateway Drivers page


    1. Not with this driver. As far as I am aware, the pinch and zoom options are with the newer laptops and touchpads being released for Windows 8. There are many other gestures like two finger scroll are also not available.

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