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How to easily grab webpage embedded media in Firefox

First, a short disclaimer: This post merely shows you a method. You alone are entirely responsible for what you use it for.

There are times when we need to grab media like images, audio and sometimes even embedded video files from various sites. Rather than right-clicking on each element, here’s a quick an easy way to grab all the media you want using Firefox’s native functionality – no additional plugins like DownThemAll needed.

We’re gonna use the Page Info feature of Firefox to help us in our efforts. On the page that you wish to grab the images from, click TOOLS > PAGE INFO to bring up the Page Info window.

Firefox Page Info Window
Firefox Page Info

In the corresponding window that opens up, click the MEDIA tab:

Firefox Embeded Media Display
Firefox Embeded Media Display

Next, select the media that you want to save to disk like the Images, Icons, Backgrounds and embedded Flash applets. This method also allows you to bypass the scripting used by some sites to disallow right-clicking on images and save the image. Selecting a single entry in this list also displays the entry in a small preview window at the bottom although seleting multiple entries automatically collapses this section.

All isn’t rosy with this feature however, there still exists an unresolved bug whereby the columns cannot yet be sorted, else this would have been a great feature – sorting by size or by the type of media would have made things much easier.

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