How to Detect the Spyware and Malware

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware

Spywares and malwares are considered to be a greater threat than computer viruses. This is because the detection of a spyware or a malware in the computer is very tough and you cannot be sure that a spyware or a malware is present in the PC, until the time you notice the loss of data or the popping up of unwanted advertisements. This is the reason why it becomes highly imperative as a computer user to know how to detect as well as cure a spyware or malware attack. Although spywares and malwares do not possess the ability to self replicate (as computer viruses can do), they are as much a threat to the computer as well as the computer user, as are computer viruses.

Spywares are the programs which are really harmful as they possess the ability to capture as well as transport important information stored on the computer of a user. These programs come bundled up with other software applications downloaded from the internet, and are often also disguised as software which prevent spywares. These spywares can be of various forms, and range from screen capturing applications to keyboard loggers. There are various different ways in which the presence of these spywares can be detected. The following are just a few symptoms.

1. The appearance of never seen before toolbars as well as buttons on your computer screens. There may also be abruptly popping out advertisements as well as windows on your screen, which you have never been seen before.
2. Crashing off of the internet browser of your computer without any prior intimation or reason.
3. Gradual as well as mysterious slowing down of the computer during the execution of various programs and applications booting up.
4. The home page on the browser of your computer gets changed without your prior knowledge.
5. There appears to have been occurred some kind of a security breach on your system.
6. The appearance of bandwidth usage, even when no internet usage or data transfer is underway from the computer.
Once you are sure about the existence of spywares or malware in your computer, you should not be neglecting the curing of the problem, as it can cost you quite dearly. The very first step is to do away with the possibility of a virus threat to the computer. In order to do so, you can run an active virus scan throughout the system. After that, a suitable anti spyware software can also be executed in the system. Many anti spyware as well as anti malware software are available over the internet, for free of cost download as well as installation. You can install the software on the hard disk and can execute it from there. Some of the most commonly found free of cost anti spyware and anti – malware software are Windows Defender (Beta 2), Spybot – Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware SE Personal from Lavasoft in Google Pack, Ewido anti-spyware and anti-malware and many more.

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