How To Delete Your Account From Social Networking Websites

You get an email from a friend inviting you to join a new online social network which claims to be much better than Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut combined. You are interested and join the network; you register for an account by provid

ing an email address; you then setup your profile and fill out your details, some of which you only want your friends to have. When you have everything set up and spend some time on this self-proclaimed best online network, you realize that it is quite useless and not benefitting you at all. Having learnt your lesson you decide to close your newly created account but there is just one problem: the site has no instructions on how to close your account.

Websites often make closing your account a difficult process by hiding the ‘close account’ option deep into the ‘settings’ page. Novice computer users are often unable to find the account closing options and end up leaving their account as is, putting the information they put on display at risk.

A website that helps out people who want to close their accounts over online networks is DeleteYourAccount.

DeleteYourAccount is a free website that has instructions on how to close your account on numerous online networks. The homepage lists the most popular searches and the recently added network instructions. To search for a network, one can employ the keyword-search method of browse through the networks alphabetically.

The set of instructions are comprehensive and often come with the additional guidelines on how to restore one’s deleted account.

With its simple interface and user-friendly controls, DeleteYourAccount saves you from all that worry when you cannot find the ‘delete account’ option on the network you have signed up on.


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