WordPress Charts

How to create charts in WordPress

We’ve rarely felt the need for charts here at Techtites. However, if you’re frequently running polls or displaying statistics or just simply trends, you’ll find a frequent need to display charts in your blog posts.

Powered by HTML5 the Chart.js library allows you to add charts to your posts. If you pour over the documentation on Chart.js, you’ll see that integrating this on your blog does take a bit of work.

WP Charts is a new WordPress plugin brings you this power with a simple use of WordPress shortcodes.

WordPress Charts

WP Charts lets you create six different chart types including line charts, bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, polar area charts and donut charts.

e.g. entering the following will create a pie chart.

[wp_charts title="mypie" type="pie" align="alignright" margin="5px 20px" data="30,50,100"]

WP Charts - Pie chart

Check out the Installation instructions on what options you have available via the use of shortcodes. The author is working on a better interface of integrating a button that lets you add these shortcodes quickly and painlessly through an intuitive interface.

Definitely a plugin to keep an eye on if you’re constantly adding charts to your blog.

Download WP Charts from the Repository


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