How To Create and use Nested Labels In Gmail

Nested Labels is a new feature by Google that lets Gmail users create folders with subfolders. Suppose you have pictures of various events you celebrated with your family. You can create a main folder titled Family. One of the subfolders of this fold

er can have pictures of just your spouse and kids. This folder can have further folders which will be according to all our outings with your spouse and kids. This way a hierarchy of folders can be created with can help you better organize your photos, emails. Etc.

To enable Nested Labels, go over into your Gmail Labs section (or click here). Scroll down to the Nested Labels field and choose the “enable” option on the right.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that saves your settings.

Next, come to your Gmail dashboard and have a look at the options on the left. Create a new label.

Suppose this label is going to be your main folder. Let us name it “Main” for now.

Now suppose you want to create a subfolder in Main. For this you repeat the same label-creating process but add the “Main/” prefix to your label. For example if you want the subfolder to be called “TheSubFolder,” create a new label and name it “Main/TheSubFolder.”

If you want TheSubFolder to contain a subfolder titled “ThisOne,” create a new label with the following name: “Main/TheSubFolder/ThisOne.”

To the left, you will see the hierarchy of folders each time you create a new label.

Now you can sort your emails as you want within these folders.

Nested Labels are an innovative Google feature that will help many Gmail users better organize themselves. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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