How To Create And Manage Complete CV Online The Easy Way

In today’s competitive environment, when applying for a job you have to ensure that your résumé leaves a good impression. If you are going to apply to different positions you might vary the template used to create your CV. The same goes for your portfolio. Handling all those changes and sending out your different CVs to companies can become a tedious task. With Jobrary you can easily manage your CVs and portfolios.

Jobrary is a free web service that lets you create and manage a complete CV online. Before you start out you will need to sign up for an account. This process will include specifying your domain name which will appear as This is the URL that employers can visit to view your résumé.


Before you finalize your CV you can choose to keep the URL private and inaccessible to employers. Switching from PUBLIC to PRIVATE is a one click action. Simply click on the button located on the top right of the CV editing page.


When it comes to your CV, numerous fields are offered by Jobrary. Fields are distributed categorically amongst Objective, Education, Experience, Skills, Certification, Reference, and any other custom category you would like to add. All categories have fields that allow you to share the complete information. Here is how a field in the Education category looks like:


And here is how a field in the Experience category looks like:


The Portfolio section lets you add pictures, videos, and PDFs to your CV.


These can be viewed and downloaded by the visitor to your CV’s URL. To obtain a physical copy of your CV, you can download its PDF version and print it out.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good CV manager Jobrary is an option worth exploring.

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