How To Convert Webpages Into PDFs In Seconds

I recently came across XKCD, which is a website with comics including concepts from advance science (including mathematics, physics, and computer science). There was one particular p

age with a comic strip which I wanted to share with my friends. I did not want to reveal where I had taken the strip from so I did not want to simply share the URL. I tried saving the comic as an image but it was spread over multiple images. Therefore I had to save those images separately, then compile them into a single file and email my friends.

After going through that procedure I realized that the time taken to first separately copy images then paste them together could be saved if somehow I converted the whole webpage into an image-like format. Of course, doing this in regular image formats (JPG or PNG) might result in a very large image file. After doing a bit of searching I concluded the best format would be PDF which, while maintaining a small size, would not compromise the visual quality of the webpage.

I already have a ‘PDF Printer’ installed on my computer so all I had to do was print the webpage using it. But this method would not be viable if I was using somebody else’s computer which did not have this printer installed. So after doing a bit of searching I came across the perfect solution to my problem: PdfMyURL.

PdfMyURL is a simple-to-use free website that converts whatever URL you give it into a downloadable PDF file. All I had to do was open up the webpage, paste in the XKCD URL in the designated area, and click on the orange ‘P’ button to the right. My URL was almost instantly converted into a PDF and a download confirmation appeared which let me download my PDF file.

The site names our output file <”URL-we-enter”.pdf>. The resultant file size of course depends on the size of the webpage.

PdfMyURL is a wonderful way to get our webpages in PDF files which can then be emailed to friends or shown to people on our computers or cellphone offline.

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