How the Internet Technology Is Helping Your Job Search

Visiting company websites, social networking websites, and recruitment websites proves to be the best way to search for jobs. This indicates that the internet is contributing well in terms of helping people find work. Therefore, having high speed internet service is essential for your job search.

In a survey, 77% of employers said that they use Facebook and MySpace to search for candidates who fit their eligibility criteria. Additionally, they promote their job opportunities by posting their company profiles on popular social networking websites. Interested candidates contact them, give interviews, and get selected.

Secondly, job seekers avail the opportunity of applying online by visiting company websites. It does not matter whether the company is hiring at the moment or not. What matters the most is that employers get their resumes and they will contact these job seekers as soon as they have vacancies.

How the Internet Is Hurting Your Job Search

Although using the internet for job hunting has various advantages, there are some consequences as well. When employers view the profile of their candidates on Facebook and other social networking websites, they see your posted content. If they do not like it, they will reject you. This is because you might have posted your profile information on your Facebook profile that does not match your profile information written in your resume.

Searching for jobs through the internet can frustrate you at the end of the day. The reason behind this is that since the internet enables job seekers to get exposed to hundreds of thousands of jobs, they simply cannot focus on which job they should apply for. As a result, they apply to each and every job that sounds appealing. They hardly get a reply from them because their profile does not fit the employers’ criteria.

New Ideas for Your Job Search

Due to the fact that applying for jobs can be a time-consuming and exhausting task, job seekers need to know the easy way out that can help them reach their destination. If you are also a job seeker, implementing the following ideas will definitely improve the effectiveness of your job searching.

Make a Targeted Resume

First of all, it is important to know what exactly you want from your job. In this regard, you can tailor your objective in such a way that it reflects your personal as well as professional goal towards your job search. For instance, if you have a degree in Marketing, you need to ask yourself which area in Marketing you want to work. There are many aspects in a single field of interest, for example, Retail Marketing, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Internet Marketing, and many more. You need to be specific.

Visit the Company Website and Apply

As the internet is helping you find work through various websites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist, you need to consider the internet as an important tool for your job hunting.

However, it is better that you reach the employer directly. You can do this by visiting company websites and posting your resume there. Eventually, they will contact you because they have your resume in their database. Keep applying online if you have high speed internet service.

Do Lots of Networking

No matter how impressive your resume is, chances are that you will most probably get a job from your own network. This is because we are living in a highly competitive environment. Employers look out for people who they know well. Therefore, networking is the most essential element of job searching. You can create your account on Linkedin that will further expand your network.


  1. In my past years as a job seeker, i use to drive and walk miles and miles to submit resume so that i can find my dream job but now things are a lot more easier. Just go to the company’s website and fill out the job application not only that you can access their website from your android phone or tablet. Amazing how world is becoming smaller day by day. \”It’s a small world after all\”. btw, great article!

  2. No doubt, internet has made it very exciting to look for and search new and interesting jobs that could provide extreme job satisfcation

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