How Reddit beat the Digg Mafia

Last week I posted an article Why The Digg Mafia Will Cost Kevin Rose Millions!.

For one, I definitely didn’t expect it to hit the homepage of digg. But, there is an interesting story to tell.

The story was submitted by a top Digg user and in five hours had managed to get only 15 diggs which was around the time I started monitoring. When the digg count reached 20, I realized that the story didn’t appear in any of the upcoming stories’ pages. Stories with lesser diggs were there, which meant only one conclusion:

The story had been buried on Digg!

Search for 'mafia' without including buried stories Search for 'mafia' including buried stories

However, what I did notice that the story was still bringing in visitors. I also noticed the Digg count rising steadily, though it was sending me no visitors. A look at my stats showed me a lot of visitors arriving from Reddit.  In less than an hour, the story hit the frontpage of Reddit! The number of Reddits rose quickly to cross the 100 mark.

The number of visitors from reddit also ensured a rising digg count and the story status changed to Made Popular after a while but it was never put on the homepage. Did someone at Digg ensure that it was kept off the homepage?

The story was flagged on Digg:

Warning: The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate

Readers have reported that this story contains information that may not be accurate.

But, how can an opinion be inaccurate? 

The Inaccurate flag wouldn’t stop users from digging the post and as of today the Digg Count stands at 330 and the Reddit count stands at 256.

Where were the Digg Mafia when all this was happening?

Normally, any story that speaks against Digg or the Digg Mafia is quickly buried and the comment section is usually cluttered with rude comments against the post and the author. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the case. The 58 comments on Digg were all pro-post and questioned the motives of Digg and asked why the story was buried and why it wasn’t being reinstated inspite of repeated requests by not just me but other users as well.
Except for a few rude comments on my post, I believe the Mafia slept on the story, thinking that they were successful in silencing the post… little did they realize that Reddit users too have a great power!

And Digg wouldn’t bother

I sent two emails to Digg, one asking them to reinstate the post when it had around 30 comments. I next sent an email after it was made popular. Both these fell on deaf years and to date I have not received a single response from Digg. Which shows how great their support is!

Or are they listening?

Yesterday, Neil of Pronet Advertising found out that several domains were unbanned by Digg. Now, this was a strange move on Digg.
Have they woken up and realized that the Mafia that got those domains banned are actually working against Digg? Or has Digg really upped their defencesto prevent groupism?

What does the Mafia have to say about this?

Thank you Reddit!

As for all you Reddit users, thanks for making the difference. Thanks for letting the Mafia know that they aren’t all powerful. That there are others who also hold the reigns of power and that even if they push a story down, there are many others who will stand up against it and make it popular!


5 thoughts on “How Reddit beat the Digg Mafia”

  1. shame on digg.
    this tells us how commercial digg is. all they want is users and advertisers and no one to comment against them no matter what they do? how sick?
    if they are reading this comment, i want to ask them:
    what is digg all about?
    Is it about making the site #1 on alexa or having a great community which respects the service?

  2. Reddit doesnt ban people but they keep watch on who is submitting what.Its silence over there.I have experimented with it.If you submit more it slowly slows down the traffic.

    Moreover you have to find the right content that can get hit over rediit.Not every article does.

    As i said its under the hood.Experiment with it and you will know

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