How I Get My Medifast Diet Blog Ranked in the Search Engines

I started my nutrisystem and medifast diet blog around 2 years ago, when I hardly knew anything about SEO or the search engines. The only thing I knew about search engines then was that I use them to find information online. Now, as a blogger who has worried about traffic generation for years I have had to face the reality of what traffic means for bloggers, and how important the source of traffic is when it comes to getting results.

Based on my personal experience, I believe the search engines are the best source of traffic to a blog, and as a result I have been targeting them and optimizing my blog for them over the years, while at the same time constantly studying to see what works and what doesn’t. I have learned a lot of things in the process, I have experienced a lot of failures, and I have also had a lot of major successes. One thing, though, is that there are some tactics that have never failed me, and I will be sharing those tactics with you here below.

I Update My Blog Regularly to Gain the Search Engines’ Trust

One major mistake I see people that complain about not getting traffic make is that of not updating their blog regularly. I wonder why people want to get traffic to their blog in the first place when they are not updating it regularly. Let’s face the reality, updating your blog regularly is essential if you want to get traffic, and this is no exception when it comes to optimizing your blog for the search engines.

Try to take a look at the top 10 results for major keywords in Google and you will notice that they belong to authority websites that publish a lot of content regularly. The more quality content you publish on your blog, the more likely the search engines will trust you, and the more increase in rankings you’re likely to get.

I Try to Use Quality Keywords when Necessary

The next step to take is to ensure you use quality keywords when necessary. It makes no sense to publish a lot of articles on your blog regularly when the search engines don’t know which keywords you want them to rank for, and the only way you can tell the search engines what your content is all about is by using the right keywords.

Make sure you don’t just use a keyword because it gets a lot of traffic. Instead, use a keyword because it will put a lot more money in your pocket i.e. use “paying keywords”.

I Try to Get as Much Backlinks as Possible

The final thing I do to ensure my nutrisystem and medifast diet blog ranks well is to build backlinks. You can build backlinks by writing guest posts, you can build backlinks by writing link-bait content, you can build backlinks using link exchange campaigns, and you can build backlinks using a lot more tactics. It doesn’t matter what your approach is, quality backlinks are all that will make a difference in how you’re ranked in the search engines so make sure you invest your time in gaining as much quality backlinks as possible.

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