How are we doing on our Goals?

Long long back, at the beginning of the year I decided to set some goals for this blog. I decided it is time to take stock of these goals and see how I have progressed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very successful in fulfilling the goals!

I had set out with six goals in total as follows:

1. Average at least 1000 subscribers

We are currently at about 400, which means I am far away from my goal. If you are reading this post in the browser, then please subscribe to the blog feed.

Additionally, remember to join the Facebook Fan page and share it with all your friends.

2. Make at least one long detailed post a week

I did start out on this with full force, however, I never ended up keeping to this due to my day job.

However, this blog has been regularly updated by my authors.

3. Find at least two other writers for this blog

This is one goal that I have fulfilled. We currently have three authors on this website besides myself, viz. Umar, Nikhil and Sparx.

They have brought variety in their content and have ensured that you always have something excellent to read!

4. Increase Ad Revenue from this blog

This has improved to a small extent, but I am looking for suggestions on this.

5. Increase the number of visitors via Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites

We get a chunk of this traffic from StumbleUpon for some of our older posts. I haven’t been very successful in actively promoting the posts. But, I guess it is time 🙂

6. Increase pageviews to at least 5000 a day

Well, we’re currently way way way below that. I have managed to triple page views since the first post. However, we still have a long way to go to reach 5000.

Do you love this site? Do you like our articles? Please help promote this blog to everyone. Let’s together make this an highly successful community.

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