Have some fun while saving the bees with Beebble!


SeventhSide Games recently launched its first game “Beebble“, a city builder (a virtual town simulator) geolocalised at a junction between Farmville, Sim City and Foursquare, offering players the possibility to allow their virtual environment to interact with their real world location.

The game’s story was inspired by one of Albert Einstein’s theory, stating that the survival of humanity rests on the bees’ destiny: “If bees disappear from the planet, Man will only have four years to live.”

To save humanity the Professor Beebblestein, a crazy scientist, created a new genetically modified species of bees names the Beebbles, capable of communicating with humans. During the professor’s experiments, an explosion occurred, scattering the Beebbles contained in his incubator to all four corners of the world.

By downloading the free game, the players will be asked to explore real locations around them to uncover the Beebbles who may have found themselves there after the blast. As well as enticing players to discover new areas of their real world, the game pushes them to create communities for these bees by placing towns within the Beebble universe but positioned in the real world. These towns will then be developed by the players, as well as any new friends they may make within the game.

Thus, by saving the Beebbles, will humanity be saved as well?

How to play Beebble?

Download Beebble! Free from the App Store

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