Google To Add Avast AntiVirus to Google Pack

You might have already come across websites which let users select multiple programs then download a single installer. This downloaded installer downloads and installs the programs without any glitches and without any future negative repercussions. This procedure is similar to but is more time efficient than the traditional method of downloading all applications individually.

Google has not been far behind in this field and has introduced its very own freeware programs’ package titled GOOGLE PACK.

Google Pack is a free installer for Windows operating systems; it offers the same function described above: users can check the software they want downloaded and installed in one go, then download a single installer for all their applications. The Pack includes only freeware programs. Currently this list of freeware is not as wide as one would desire it to be however it is constantly being expanded.

In the image below you can see the freeware programs one can choose in the English version of Google Pack:

We can select our programs before downloading the Pack’s installer. When the installer has set up and starts downloading our programs, we can choose to cancel our selected options and add new ones:

The antimalware solution provided in Google Pack is Spyware Doctor. However Spyware Doctor offers limited real time protection and that too with an outdated signature database. Google have started emending this and done the right thing by replacing Spyware Doctor in the non-English versions of Google Pack.

The replacement is the latest version for Avast Antivirus which is one of today’s best freeware antimalware solutions. The only problem is that Google makes no mention of including Avast in their English version of the Pack.

But even without the ability to install Avast through Google Pack, we English speaking computer users can download Avast from their own website and fill the gap that Google Pack leaves.

If you have freshly installed your operating system and are looking to download multiple freeware applications and install them, then look into Google Pack; it will save a lot of your time.


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