Google Apps goes Paid

In early 2006, Google Apps launched as a beta to provide educational institutions and organizations a central space to manage their email. Initially the only service provided was Gmail. Soon, Google Talk was added to the list of services offered. Start page and Google Docs and Calendar were also added.
You could also customize the urls so that it was easier for people to login.

There were rumours of a paid version of Google Apps being launched and the Google Blog confirmed it.

The Premier edition has been launched which will offer all the services of the free Standard edition. But, in addition to that, users get upto 10GB of storage space. Ads are no longer compulsory. You also have APIs to integrate with your existing system, 24/7 phone support and most importantly a 99.9% uptime guarantee!
The pricing though is a bit steep at $50 / user account / year. Until April 30th, 2007 you can try the Premier edition for free. Compare the editions.

Are you using Google Apps? I am and I love it. Ofcourse I won’t be upgrading for all the extra features I won’t be using! Am I glad that the Standard edition is still free 🙂


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