Get info about websites with Stat My Web

There are quite a few websites out there which provide you with some good tools to find out about websites on the internet. Stat My Web is one such site that can easily fetch a lot of data about any website.

The website provides detailed stats about websites like – when it was created, where is it hosted, how much is it  worth and where does it rank on the web. These detailed stats are displayed in both graphical and text  formats.

I like the level of accuracy of most of the stats. The age of the website, rank and other statistics are pretty accurate. However, you do need to take the $ amounts with a pinch of salt.

Besides this , there are also over 15 tools which help in specific analysis of the website. While some of the tools are well developed, I believe tools can do some work. One that I am especially particularly interested in is the Website Speed Test tool.


Tectites @ Stat My Web

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