Ever since I migrated from Firefox to Chrome, I have been missing the wider array of add-ons offered by Firefox. However I loved the Chrome extensions that merged other Google services with the browser. Chrome extensions like <a href="https:/

/chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/ajdcjichkpcfidaebcomohkhipfokoga” target=”_blank”>Handy Chrome Shortcuts provided easy access to nearly all Google services with a simple click.

But Firefox was not to be outdone in the arena of add-ons related to Google. Now there is a new Google-related add-on for Firefox which is giving me another reason to shift my default browser back to Firefox. The add-on is called Google Shortcuts.

The Google Shortcuts Firefox add-on was created by the developer Soeren Rinne. He writes that the idea occurred to him while writing his Bachelor’s thesis. As he started to use an increasing number of Google’s services, he thought it would be more convenient to place shortcuts right on the browser. The result was this great add-on.

Let me show you all how the add-on affects the Firefox interface. Here is a view of my Firefox’s address bar before the installation of Google Shortcuts:

And here is a view of the address bar after installing Google Shortcuts:

I am sure you notice all the extra buttons which Google Shortcuts placed there. These clickable icons correspond to each Google service. We can select which services to show or hide by modifying the preferences of Google Shortcuts.

Apart from the services we choose, we can also adjust a handsome number of interface options to suit our taste.

If you are a Firefox user taking advantage of even a single Google service, the Google Shortcuts add-on can help you greatly. Try it out and use the comments to let me know what you think.

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