Sheep Happens

Game for the weekend: Sheep Happens

Sheep Happens

You’ve played Temple Run and Temple Run 2 and probably PITFALL. Then you will like Sheep Happens.

Sheep Happens is a chaotic endless runner where you must maneuver around other runners, obstacles, and sheep falling from the sky as you chase down the swindling Hermes. Collect coins to spend in the shop and upgrade your gear or buy fashionable and powerful hats. Challenge friends to endure the chaos the longest and post the best run.

Sheep Happens is a simple game to play, but a difficult one to master. You’ll mainly be tapping your screen to jump or holding the tap button to glide, but better be quick, else you’ll hit the obstacles before you. Jump on sheep or other runners to create combos and get upgrades.

The game is free to play. Collect coins which help you upgrade or purchase some if you want to skip the running.


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