Frontline Commando D-Day

Game for the Weekend: Frontline Commando: D-Day

I played Frontline Commando on my iPad a long time ago and loved the game. Glu Mobile now brings to you Frontline Commando: D-Day.

Frontline Commando D-Day

The game is based on the battle of Normandy where you can lead the charge on D-Day as the tip of the spear in the largest Allied invasion of WW2! Defeat the occupation forces and take back France.

You have 5 separate campaigns with 145 separate missions based on the actual beach landings; Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold and Omaha.

Frontline Commando D-Day

The game gives you an array of classic weapons from World War 2. including the historic rifle to take down enemies accurately or a machine-gun to unleash a hail of bullets. Call in artillery strikes against entrenched enemy soldiers or shoulder a bazooka to reduce a tank to rubble.

Frontline Commando D-Day - Bazooka

Overall the game gives you hours of fun. The handling is easy. You have really good game graphics and well designed terrains. You’re a bit limited on where you can run, because you have a fixed story line, but it definitely is a good improvement over the original game where you only moved left and right.

The game is free to play, but you can buy extra stuff within the game.


Download Frontline Commando: D-Day from the Google Play store

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