FTP blocked on your connection? Use net2ftp

A few years ago, I faced a major problem with uploading and downloading files via FTP. My internet connection blocked a lot of ports, FTP among them and switching ISPs wasn’t an option.

It was an extremely frustrating situation, until I stumbled upon net2ftp.

net2ftp is a web based FTP client with features that rival several desktop based FTP clients.

  • Navigate the FTP server
  • Upload files
  • Download files individually or via ZIP files
  • Zip/Unzip files
  • Install software
  • Copy, move and delete
  • Copy or move to a 2nd FTP server
  • Rename and chmod
  • View code with syntax highlighting
  • Plain text editor
  • HTML editors
  • Code editor
  • Search for words or phrases
  • Calculate size


And, the best part about net2ftp is that you can download and install it on your own servers. Installing this on your own servers ensures that you can change the upload / download limits, the execution time of the php scripts.

This is something I have done personally. I have net2ftp installed on my own VPS and pushed the limits of the files to a high level allowing me to upload big files and unzip them.

Have you tried net2ftp? Do you have it installed on your own server or do you use net2ftp.com?


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