Free Web Services to Help You Save Content Online

Saving content online is a great way for Bloggers to make sure that they don’t miss on anything important. There are services that allows you to clip a specific part of the text or copy and paste images or videos and save them all in one place. You can use the following web services that allows you to do so without installing any third part software.


Ibrii is a free web service that allows you to create personal notes by clipping web content. It lets you clip videos, pictures and text on the net and save it in your Ibrii account. Your saved item can be directly viewed on ibrii without going to the original site. It is simple, it is fast and it will help you save a lot of time.


Check out Ibrii


Snipd is an easy to use web clipping service that lets you clip snippet from a website, be it text, images or videos. The service works through a bookmarklet that puts mouse-over clipping icons on text, images, or embedded Flash, and stores all the content on a Tumblr-style page, though you can change the privacy settings for all or individual items.


Check out Snipd


Clipmark is one of the services I personally use to save content for blogging. It allows you to discover lots of interesting stuff favorited by thousands of other web users. Clipmark lets users save webpages, partial text blocks, images, videos, and even bites from several webpages in one note.


In addition to that it offers a Firefox extension that makes it much more easier to clip content from different web pages. Furthermore, popular and highest voted clips are also featured on the website’s home page creating in itself a good destination for daily read.

Check out ClipMark


Based on Javascript, Thumbtack is another online bookmarking service  by Microsfot that helps you collect clips from webpages or bookmark full webpages and organize them within its interface. Similary to Clipmark, it provides a bookmarklet which can be used to save content from the internet. You could also copy paste content directly to its interface.


Check out Thumbtack

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