Free Tools To Remotely Control Your Pc

There are many cases in which it is helpful to remotely connect to another person’s computer. For example if you work in computer tech support and are trying to resolve a customer’s computer issue over the phone, being able to see the customer’s moni

tor would be very helpful. Troubleshooting is greatly facilitated by remote connections to a computer’s desktop. Another case in which your remote connections can be helpful is when you are on vacation and want to check the status of your computer back home; in this scenario you can set up your computer at home with the connection and leave it on for the duration of your vacation; you can then access your computer from any part of the world using the internet.
Programs that enable users to remotely connect to other computers come in a wide variety, ranging from fancy paid ones to simple freeware programs. In today’s list which we have gathered, we cover 5 of the best freeware applications which let you remotely connect to a computer with ease and without spending a dime.

1. TweetMyPC

TweetMyPC is an amazingly innovative piece of freeware compatible with Windows operating systems. Once installed, you can associate the application with a Twitter account; the application will timely check for any Tweets on your account if any Tweet has some command in it, it will be executed on your PC. For example you can Tweet “Lock” to remotely lock your PC, or “Download ” to remotely download a file to your PC. There also is an option to associate TweetMyPC with a Gmail account. For security reasons, it would be best to create a new Twitter/Gmail account especially for this application.

2. LogMeInFree

LogMeInFree is a freeware program which lets you access a remote computer with your internet browser. Before downloading the application you setup a username and password (which will be used to access your computer) and then select the PC or Mac version to download. Remember that in order to use LogMeInFree (or any other remote connection software), your host PC should be always on with this application always running.

3. RemoteByMail

RemoteByMail is a free software for Windows that lets a user communicate with his/her computer via emails. RemoteByMail accepts and sends information to via email to email accounts specified by the user. The emails that work with this application need to be POP enabled (Gmail, for example). We can set the time after which our account is checked for new emails. The program has its own set of commands such as “DIR” for obtaining a directory and “ZEND” for sending a file after compressing it in a ZIP file.


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