Everyone by now must have heard of The Million Dollar Homepage, where you could buy a few pixels to get your tiny logo on the homepage.

But what if someone were to offer those pixels to you for free? Would he be considered mad or generous?

Well, I’m not sure what you would call him, but there is one site that does just this.

Titled the Free Million Pixels Page, you can put your logo on the available free pixels of your choice.

Read the rules and FAQ before you submit your request.

You get a confirmation email if you are approved with the number of pixels you can select. Send the co-ordinates of the pixels you want, a one line description of your site as well as the image you want to display and you are set.

I got 300 pixels for Ajay D’Souza dot com and 200 pixels for Techtites which I chose below.

AjayDSouza.com Logo on FMP Techtites Logo on FMP

As of now the logos are visible, but I am sure that once the page is all filled up they will be lost out there! Well, worth a shot and it sure is fun to see your logo on that page 😉

And if you do get a few pixels, do drop in a small donation for him. It does cost him to run his site.

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