FoundIt – Find those elusive files always

Received a tip from Anjali about a new web based service that they have released.


Titled FoundIt, it enables a user to get a birds eye-view of all of one’s local files; these include Word, powerpoint, images, web history, email, etc. One can then search within a certain file type or globally and by keywords or dates. In addition we allow tagging of various files for adding context & meaning to one’s information. One can also save clips or chunks of various files and tag these to easily create new content from existing files.

I wouldn’t want to go into a detailed description on using FoundIt, because their Tour does a good job of this.

I would like to mention here that FoundIt needs to have Google Desktop installed for the deep searching features.
If you don’t have GDesktop, then the installer automatically starts the installation. This hasn’t yet been mentioned anywhere and after the feedback I sent, I believe this will be detailed soon.

The reason you would use FoundIt in conjunction with Google Desktop is for a the many features that FoundIt offers thus enhancing your overall experience and so is a real boon for all Google Desktop users.

However, if you are not a Google Desktop user, this could be a new experience.

Warning: You might get hooked to it 😉


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