For Mac: Use iPhone As A Flash Drive

A friend of mine owns an iPhone 2G. He uses a third-party iPhone application to record videos from his phone, since video recording is not a native function of iPhone 2G. When he recorded his first video, he was stumped while trying to transfer the video to his PC. iTunes did not pick up the video from his phone and the iPhone does not behave as a USB flash drive from one can simply copy data and paste on one’s hard drive.

He eventually found a solution in the form of a program called DiskAid by DigiDNA.

That is a wonderful piece of program which lets makes iPhone behave like a USB flash drive which can be easily accessed. The only problem with DiskAid was that it was not a free program; it only offered a free trial of 14 days – an issue which still exists.

To help out my friend, I set out on a hunt for a freeware alternative to DiskAid. After considerable searching my persistence paid off and I found the application fittingly titled iPhone Explorer.


This great freeware application is compatible with both, Mac and Windows operating systems. iTunes is a prerequisite for the application to run smoothly but I am positive all iPhone users have that installed on their computers already.
The application has a wonderful interface with expandable directories which can be browsed conveniently.
Here is a sample screenshot of the Windows version from the application’s website:


And here is one sample image of the Mac version:

iPhone Explorer is simply an irresistible application for iPhone users, whichever iPhone they are using. With the application installed they can drag-and-drop files to easily copy them from and to their iPhone.

A bonus feature for users who have jailbreak’d their phone is that they can access the real root of their iPhone and recover their address book, SMS, and e-mails.
Even iPod Touch users can benefit from iPhone Explorer, because the application is compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch versions.

Freeware applications such as the iPhone Explorer truly help make things easier for us modern technological device users.


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