Flickr - 1terabyte

Flickr free = 1 terabyte; Pro accounts killed

Flickr, owned by Yahoo!, has announced that all free users will now get 1 terabyte of free storage. This comes a few days after the announcement by Google to unify its free storage across its services to 15Gb.

Flickr - 1terabyte

At Flickr, we believe you should share all your images in full resolution, so life’s moments can be relived in their original quality. No limited pixels, no cramped formats, no memories that fall flat. We’re giving your photos room to breathe, and you the space to upload a dizzying number of photos and videos, for free. Just how big is a terabyte? Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.

And yep, you heard us. It’s free.

I’ve always preferred Flickr as my primary place to store photos. I’ve maintained a pro account for several years now, even though I am just a “holiday photographer”!

Flickr also has a brand new look which showcases your images much better than earlier, showing the best resolution photos automatically to all visitors.

Flickr continues to differentiate between free and pro accounts. Pro accounts continue to get unlimited storage, an ad free interface and stats.

Flickr Free vs. Pro

Existing users can choose to go Ad-free as well for $49.99 per year or Double their space for $499.99 a year.

Flickr - New Plans

Since May 20, 2013, Pro accounts can no longer be purchased. You can enjoy unlimited storage as long as your Pro account is active. If your Pro account expires, it will revert to a free account with a storage limit of 1 Terabyte.

Are you on Flickr? Do you have a free or a pro account. If you have a Pro account, will you switch to the new Ad-free account or switch to free? Eligible Pro users have an option to switch to Free before August 20, 2013 and will receive a prorated refund

Flickr - Downgrade to Free


    1. Flickr has been owned by Yahoo! for quite a while indeed. It’s good to see they are finally making an effort to improve it further

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