Five Ways to get your Personalized Email Address

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If you are bored of or or

Below are listed five ways to get a “cool” personalized email address

Method 1 – allows you to choose from over 100 domains at which you would like to have your email address. You have choice of domain names from various categories, including where you live, who you like, who you are etc. This email service is geared towards Indian users as most of the domains belong to this category.
You get all the features of Windows Live Mail, i.e. 5GB space, anti-spam protection etc. Infact, you login to your domain at the same address.

Method 2 – AOL My eAddress

AOL My eAddress

AOL My eAddress is a similar offering by AOL.
This one two lets you choose from a wide range of domains at which you can get your email address. The email will have all the features of AOL, i.e. 2GB space, 16Mb partition size etc.

If you don’t like any of the readymade domains, you can even choose to register your very own or use your existing domain by changing the MX server.

Method 3 – Google Apps

Google Apps

This one is my favourite, as it helps me tap in the power of Gmail while getting email at my own domain. Google Apps doesn’t give you the option of choosing from domains. You will need to have your very own domain name to use Google Apps. Google allows you to register and use the domain directly over there.

You get 2Gb, virus and anti-spam protection, 10Mb attachment limit, POP3 access etc. You will need to change the MX servers of your domain if you choose to use your own domain instead of registering one with Google.

Method 4 – Windows Live Custom Domains

Windows Live Mail

Similar to Google Apps, Windows Live Custom Domains allows you to use your domain or register a new one with Microsoft and then get connect it with Windows Live Mail. Like Method 1 described above, you get all the features that Windows Live Mail has to offer. Each domain is limited to 500 accounts initially which can be upgraded later.

Method 5 – Register your hosting service

Most hosting services today allow you to create your own email. However, this is the most expensive of the methods described as it requires you to bear the cost of hosting in addition to your own domain.

My suggestion: Use Method 3 or 4. If you’re looking for a low cost, reliable domain registration service, then look no further than WebberZone Domains. For hosting check out

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5 thoughts on “Five Ways to get your Personalized Email Address”

  1. Well, that was a waste of time. Anybody can register a domain name and then forward their email to that domain. You don’t need any of these services. Your ISP probably supplies a free email account which you forward to your domain email account. When you change ISPs, you do the same there

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  3. METHOD 6:

    Find an Email Provider that already offers a bunch of Domain names to choose from, like or is free but doesnt offer really cool domain names. is nearly free (1 dollar a month) and offers hundreds of email domains to choose from .



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