Find/Delete/Backup Unwanted Files

It’s normal for anyone to run a scan every now and then just to check if there is any unwanted stuff left in your hard drive.

If it bothers you that what could have taken up your hard disk space especially when you don’t even have time to see and realize that your storage space is low then you can give Simple Director Analyzer v1.0 a try.

As the name suggests, Simple Directory Analyzer helps you examine your entire system folders and figures and lets you know what could have occupied your limited hard disk space. It also gives you the option to delete, organize or backup them in a more structural way as well.

This application uses a standard Windows drag and drop feature to select your folder and analyze the contents of any folder on your computer. It shows you the number of duplicate and hidden files you have in the selected directory.


Other features include

  • See the list of largest files in the directory
  • Sort the files by size,file type, and so on…
  • Create reports for your folder (currently in HTML)
  • Delete one or more files
  • Filter files based on size and modification date
  • Draw graphs of the most common extensions (file types) in the folder
  • Draw the graph of the largest files in the folder

In order to run this software utility properly, you will need to have .NET Framework 3.5 installed in your PC system. Install this software to find out any unwanted stuff in your PC which can be deleted to free up your memory space.

Download Simple Directory Analyzer


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