Find Your Lost Cell Phone With FoneFindr

Having a small smartphone is fashionable. The smaller the phone, the easier it is to manage in your pockets. But with small phones, it is equally easy to misplace them. How many times have you misplaced your phone and not been able to find it when you most need it? The answer is probably “many times.”

If you know that your phone is somewhere around you, then you can use your landline to call your cellphone and then follow the sound of cellphone’s ringtone and find your phone. But if you do not have a landline or a friend nearby whose phone you could use, all you need to do is pay a visit to FoneFindr.

FoneFindr is web service that helps people find their misplaced cellphones. The site does not charge anything for its usage and features a remarkably simple interface. When you visit the site you enter your cellphone number. Then you click on the “Call Now” button and the site calls up your phone.

You can follow the phone’s sound and see where it was. When you answer the call, you can record a short message and tell FoneFindr where your phone was. The recording is then available on the website along with other people’s recordings and a list of most common places that people find their phones at.

FoneFindr’s simple function can be immensely useful to people whenever their phone is nearby but they cannot find it.


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