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The internet is much like the universe. It expands beyond our imagination. There are webpages out there you have no idea about; maybe if you check those pages/links/blogs, you might actually like them. However, one simply cannot go on a one man mission to explore the internet. With the amazingly fast rate new pages and materials are added to the web, exploring the entire internet for stuff you like is impossible.

One great solution would be to look for websites similar to the ones you already like. Today we discuss something that does exactly that – let you find websites similar to the ones you know/like.

This something is iWeavr.


iWeavr works in the most simple way possible: from your internet browser’s favorites bar. Once you are on the iWeavr homepage, you will see what is contained in the screenshot pasted above. Now focus the region encircled (the circle is not on the original website, I added it).

Right click on the blue ‘iWeavr’ button and add it to your favorites. Remember to add it to your favorites bar so it easily accessible while browsing. Now let us see how iWeavr works.

A website I really like is FunnyOrDie. I visited it in my browser, and clicked on the iWeavr bookmarklet I had placed on my favorites bar. Here is what happened:


A white section appeared on the webpage and I could see all the websites similar to FunnyOrDie. I use FunnyOrDie as a source of instant amusement and entertainment. With iWeavr’s help I can now expand my favorites and discover the new websites out there with their new funny material.

The iWeavr tool, apart from finding websites you did not know about, can also be used while finding related articles or news to something particular you are reading. If you click on a link which leads to a page shortly stating ‘President Obama won the Noble Prize’ and you want to know more, just click on the iWeavr button to see all the related news articles.

iWeavr serves an important purpose and was a much needed tool for internet users.

2 thoughts on “Find Websites/Articles/Links According to Your Tastes”

  1. Pramod Chandersekhar

    We are glad you like iweavr! Couple of other features you might find interesting about iweavr.

    When on a blog – going to the RSS tab will allow you to quickly checkout previous posts

    And our twitter and facebook integration allows you to share the sites that you find very easily and quickly.

    If there is anyother information you would like to see on iWeavr do let us know – we have a suggestion box in the popup (the last icon).

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