Find Older Versions of your Favorite Software with OldVersion

Why use an old software? Well in my case its because I want to achieve a task at hand without unnecessary fuss. I’m not the kind of person who upgrades his computer every 2 months so if the latest version of MSN messenger is too slow on my computer I just go back to using an older version!

In order to phase out older software, developers simply stop providing them on their site thus forcing the user to move to a newer version. This is where a service like comes in.

It is a website that categorizes software by type and then for each software you will be given a list of all past versions available! In short its an archive for old software,  you can peek into the digital history of a software and see how far it has come (eg. try looking up MSN messenger – barring the latest you’ll find all of them, even Messenger 1.0 which is even smaller than half an MB!)


As a personal choice, I like using software that I Want to and not software that just is being shoved in front of me by the developer, so if Winamp ver 2.95 works well for me then I’d like to stick to that (ver 5 is for little girls anyway!) As the site wisely states: Newer is not always better!

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