Fed up of IE6? Tell your visitors to upgrade with sevenup

I really liked Internet Explorer 7 and love Internet Explorer 8 (yes you Firefox lovers, I love FF as well 🙂 ). But, being a web designer since mid 2000, I’ve had the opportunity to design several sites for several browsers and it has always been a pain to support them all.

One really really really really painful browser is the infamous Internet Explorer 6. I have a strong feeling it is also one of the reason why IE has gained such a bad name among developers.

According to StatCounter Global Stats, IE6 is still being used by about 25% of the users, which is a sizable number and cannot be ignored.


Jason Clarke suggests that Microsoft release an update for IE6 for Windows 2000. I don’t think that will ever happen.

Hence, for web developers this still continues to be a painful experience in trying to ensure that their sites work in IE6. You can also check it for other versions of Internet Explorer if you are interested.

Or, you can prompt out a message to your users suggesting that it is high time they upgraded their Internet Explorer 6 to IE7 or even IE8.

This is where sevenup comes into play. SevenUp is a tiny JavaScript that you can embed in your page / site. Whenever a visitor using IE6 lands up on your site he / she will see a window like this.


This is much better message that the really irritating buttons you see all over telling users to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox. (rant begins) I don’t see why I should stop using Internet Explorer 7 or IE8, just because you can’t code a site properly for the browser! (rant ends).

Another benefit of sevenup is that it is so tiny that users won’t even feel the impact while browsing through your site. Anyone who is not using IE6 will never see a message.

To implement this, download sevenup from the link below or from the Google Code page and add the following lines to any webpage you design. You’ll need to specify the source for the .js file correctly.

<script type="text/javascript" src="sevenup.0.2.min.js"></script>
<body onload="sevenUp.test()">

This is still very much in its infancy so expect a few bugs here and there. You may need to update at regular intervals as the author releases updates. But, it is a good start 🙂

Download sevenup.0.2.js
Download sevenup.0.2.min.js

3 thoughts on “Fed up of IE6? Tell your visitors to upgrade with sevenup”

  1. @ Dan Mihai

    Thank you!
    your project is is exactly what I wanted! I found sevenUp by asking around, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I was hoping other people had the same idea.

    Thank you Dan, your code is in use on my clients website 🙂

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