Army vs. Aliens Defense
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Featured Game: Army Vs Aliens Defense

Army vs. Aliens Defense

Hollywood has been fascinated by space and more particularly by aliens coming to earth to harvest our planet or wage war on mankind. It’s been the topic of tonnes of movies and TV series including Independence Day, Mars Attack, Stargate, etc.

In this Android game, the aliens have come knocking. But, here you can choose to either play an Alien or the Army and wage war upon the other camp.

Army Vs Aliens Defence gives you:

+ 10 different units for each camp (Bomber, Helicopter, Helicopter RPG, JetFighter, Jeep, Tank, Robot, Paratrooper, Jetpack, Soldier)
+ 4 powers to erase your enemies.
+ 6 super weapons: black hole, attractor beam, bouncing ball, flamethrower, warhead, explosive cap

Download Army Vs Aliens Defence for Android

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