Extend Battery Life on Vista with AeroFoil

One of the major reasons I detest Windows Vista is because of the magnanimous bloat that it carries around as “necessary” default “features.” While this bloat has a tendency to annoy on desktop PC’s (e.g. slowdowns, immense hard disk activity etc.) Those annoyances cross over to the realm of death if you’re on a laptop with Vista! Especially if you’re the kind that uses the laptop frequently on battery!

However once in a while a software developer comes by with the heart and common sense to produce a simple yet amazingly effective software that the corporate bigwigs couldn’t figure out, Benjamin – of silent development is exactly that type of developer and his open source AeroFoil is exactly that type of software!

Aerofoil is a stand-alone utility that automatically disables the Windows Aero Glass interface and also allows you to switch off Windows PowerPlans and windows sidebars when the laptop is on battery. What does that do? It increases your battery life that’s what!

Designed to be 5~6 times more minimal and optimal than its competitor `Vista Battery saver’  AeroFoil will give you the same features except with a smaller memory footprint (which means less memory and processing power will be used and that means less power will be consumed from the battery!)  Once run it will place an icon in the system tray where you can right click instantly can access features such as disabling the Aero intrerface switching to an Auto power plan and even the option to Hibernate is there!


Here are some of the other features:

  • Allowing you to manually disable Aero Glass.
  • Optionally managing Aero Glass user interface.
  • Optionally managing the best two power plans.
  • Optionally managing Windows Vista Sidebar.
  • Optionally showing a quick hibernate button – hibernate and power management were greatly improved in Vista.
  • Much more efficient – Aerofoil is 100% unmanaged C++.
  • Much smaller than older versions and other similar software.
  • UPX compressed meaning Aerofoil.exe is as small as it can be.
  • No configuration file – everything is done with the installer.

Check out AeroFoil

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