Excellent Chrome Extensions For Digg Lovers

If you are a regular internet user you have probably heard of Digg. There is even a good chance that you frequent it and regularly view its content. But for my readers not familiar with it, Digg is a social news website made for people to discover an

d share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories. On Digg one often finds very interesting content spanning various topics, from world politics to celebrity gossip. All in all, Digg is website which is informative and simultaneously entertaining.

I enjoy browsing Digg on Chrome. In my opinion, due to its fast responsiveness and low page loading times, Chrome is the fastest internet browser. For other internet users such as me, who use Chrome to view Digg, there is a great Chrome extension titled simply Digg for Chrome.

This is Digg’s official extension for Chrome and offers a number of useful features to its users.

First of all, you will see the extension’s icon in the address bar after installing it.

The number in orange you see next to the icon is the Digg count for URL of the webpage in your currently open Chrome tab. Clicking the icon reveals the title and comment count for that URL, as well as the button to Digg it remotely.

The drop down window resulting from clicking the icon even has options to share the URL on other social media networks namely Twitter and Facebook. The EMAIL option opens up the composer of Windows Mail.

The RANDOM button is a great way to find interesting content as it randomly redirects you to a new popular link.

Overall the Digg extension packs a number of great features in its tiny footprint and deserves two thumbs up.


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