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I am a big fan of Adobe Photoshop but I could never learn the technical things in it. But thanks to the internet there is hardly any minor editing  I can’t do anymore. Recently I’ve discovered a few fun websites that lets you add funny effect to your pictures online within a matter of seconds.

For each website the process is same. All you have to do is select the type of effect you want to add to your picture, upload your photo and click save.  You can then publish these pictures on to your blog, social media networks or share it with your friends by directly downloading it from the website.


With Writeonit you can select from over 50 effects and edit your picture. It currently offers three different types of effects including Captions, Fake Pictures and Fake Magazines.


Once it is upload you may upload it to your social networks , share it with friends or use it anyway you like. Writeonit.com also publishes your created images on the site for everyone to view. Viewers can browse and vote on the funniest pictures and the top 50 most popular pictures are uploaded every month.

Fun Photo Box

funphtoboxFun Photo Box lets you pick from tons of photo effects and allows you to add your own picture to it. Fun Photo Box currently supports 3 image formats including JPEG, GIF and PNG. The maximum size of a photo can be up to 4MB. You can even post these pictures automatically to social media networks directly from the website.


Jpgfun is an online image editing service that allows you to add magazine covers, funny effects and photo frames to your pictures. You can choose from over 130 different effects and 3 different categories.


To edit your picture simply

1. Upload your Image
2. Select any effect you want to use
3. Click “Create Picture”

It’s as easy as that.


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