Easiest Way to Create and Share Online Surveys


I earlier wrote about how you can create polls on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Today, I’ve discovered a different tool that is a little different from twtpoll. Unlike twtpoll, Zoomerang allows you to add multiple questions at a time. I personally think it offers a better way for you to create polls.

Zoomerang allows you to create online surveys with advanced reporting, PowerPoint charts, skip logic, custom branding and more. It offers a number of survey templates where you can simply have to replace the current questions and fill in with yours and create a survey within minutes. These templates ranges from educational to business to personal templates. Each template comes with pre-filled questions that you can choose to keep, edit or delete.

Zoomerang currently offers 2 types of accounts including “Basic” and “Premium”. The basic account comes totally free of charge but still offers a number of great features.

For those of you who would like to try the free basic account will have the option to create as many surveys as they want and may add up to 30 questions in each survey in one of the 40 languages.Once your survey is created you can send it to 100 people and view the results online in real-time.


You can sign up for a free basic account here and create your online survey right away.

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