Best 5 Shopping Carts and E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

An shopping cart plugin is very useful when it comes to set up a unique business online. Today there are more powerful and well designed e-commerce plugins for WordPress. Today every big or small business has an online presence. So to stand apart from the crowd it is very important to use the advanced technology to avoid the threats of the other online competitors. WordPress can not only change the overall appearance of the websites but can also add the whole new set of advanced features to your website.

Here are the five shopping cart and e-commerce plugins for WordPress:

MarketPress Today

MarketPress Today e-Commerce plugin for WordPress

This plug-in looks great with the AJAXy goodness and also functions great with any other word press themes. The plug-in lets you download all the digitals with tracking’s and limits and sell real objects. It is entirely internationalized by the WPML crew and offers your customers with coupons, sales pricing, shipping, unlimited product variation and many more.

wpStoreCart-Ajax Ecommerce

wpStoreCart Ajax e-Commerce plugin for WordPress

This plug-in is easy to use, totally free, heavily supported and regularly updated with unique features. The plug-in offers product variations such as color and size, unlimited categories and number of products, compatible with any theme. The plug-in allows its users to easily and quickly sell your digital and physical downloads using your existing or new word press websites. It includes different widgets and hundreds of other features.

Zingri Web Shop

Zingri Web Shop

The main features of this plug-in are easy configuration and simple installation. You can easily sell your physical and digital downloads and it also offers full management module for customers. It also offers different language libraries such as Turkish, Danish, English, and Japanese, German, French and polish with many others.

Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid Shopping Cart

This plug-in is a complete e-commerce solution and has all the features shopping cart that can be simply included to any facebook profile or blog. It offers different advantages such as it is very easy to maintain for both the parties .you are always offered with a free plan. It combines easily with social networking sites and also runs your store on My Space, facebook and other social networks.



This plug-in is developed by experts with years of experience to deliver online stores for worldwide brands.  The plug-in offers you with all the essential features you need to set up and eCommerce website. It offers you with the complete detail of the reports and you can also easily manage your stocks and extend your online store.

All these shopping cart themes can offer your customers with the unique experience. Selling your products online using these wrordpress plug-in has never been easier. There are no fees and some of them are absolutely free. You can also get trails of the Shopping Carts and E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress. With the help of these plug-ins, you can make the utmost utilization of your marketing skills.

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