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Recently I told a friend of mine to download a certain file from a popular Torrents website. This particular friend graduated from Oxford this year, majoring in Mathematics so it wouldn’t be outrageous to assume he knew a lot about science and consequently computers plus the internet. Therefore his response of “I never really could understand how Torrents worked” shocked me considerably.

The number of internet users who use torrents is increasing exponentially still there are many people who are in the dark about it. There can be a number of reasons for this. Getting the entire seeders-leechers concept, understanding trackers, and why some Torrent clients don’t support UDP trackers, can be a lot to digest for the novice computer user. But the most obstructing reason that keeps people away from using Torrents is the ease provided by regular http downloads. “Why download a file via a ‘complicated’ P2P method when you can do the same via a browser?”

People who say things like that are the ones who haven’t mastered Torrents yet. And thanks to HttpTorrents, they will never have to!


This amazing Torrents site provides the files within Torrents as direct http downloads! The files are hosted on the site’s server and numerous Torrents are being continuously added to it. The way to get your files is best and simply explained on the site itself:


Apart from people who don’t know how to use Torrents, the method which HttpTorrents lets users use can also benefit people whose ISPs are blocking Torrent connections or who, for one reason or the other, cannot install a Bittorrent client on the system they are currently operating. Even people who can use Torrents might prefer the http downloads in the annoying cases when the download is stuck at 99%, or despite ‘optimizing’ their connection, they still get poor Torrent download speeds.

With HttpTorrents, a downloader doesn’t have to worry about any uploading, blocking, quota, rating, waiting, or uncertainty of consistency. The site guarantees fast and consistent downloads.

What more could anybody want? Head on over to the site and browse through the hosted files. See if something shiny catches your eye.


3 thoughts on “Download Torrents as Direct Http Downloads”

  1. Currently only a small percentage of torrents are available as direct downloads. To search for a torrent, enter its HASH in the search bar. If matching results exist, they will be shown. Otherwise, that particular will soon be added to httptorrent’s direct download database. It would’ve been easier if httptorrent showed a list of all available direct torrent downloads, but they don’t.

    Hopefully they’ll make and upload that list soon.

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