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Download photos from Facebook with Pick&Zip

Facebook has become a powerful medium to share your photographs. Even I took the plunge a few months back when I came to London. The best feature of Facebook’s photo support is the ability to tag your friends in photos. Usually, these are photos that you do not own and I am sure you’ve love to have a copy of them for your records.

You could go about the long drawn way of downloading these one at a time, or you grab hold of a utility that would do the job. One such software is Pick&Zip.


Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you downloading photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file.

Using Pick&Zip is very simple. All you need to do is login to the app using your Facebook profile and it will display to you a list of friends. You can select any of your friends and download the images that they have been tagged in. Or, you can select “Find my photos” and it will display all the photos that you have been tagged in. Select the images you want and download these either individually or as a group. I preferred to simply download all the 138 tagged photos and albums that I had (yes I am not that popular) in zip file format.

The software worked beautifully with all the photos neatly sorted into separate folders and now I have a backup of all the photographs that I have been tagged in.

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