Download Documents and EBooks With DocJax

Ever got need to download documents files like manuals, guides etc.? Or an ebook you have been looking far for? To solve all your documents and ebooks, and PDFs related hunts, there is an online tool called DocJax.

DocJax is a search engine for documents, ebooks and PDFs. With DocJax you can search, preview and even download the document from online to your computer.


DocJax features an very easy-to-use and extremely fast interface, maybe because of its AJAX use in the interface. It showsoff a simple search bar where you just have to type-in the document name and it will hunt for the relateds of the internet. It supports documents of extension .doc, .ppt, .xls and .pdf.

DocJax also has a very effective and powerful crawling tool, it can even search Google Docs documents which are made permit for public viewing. Indexing of Zoho Writers’ made public documents,’s Web Documents has also been done.

Overall its a really cool tool for always-reading bookworms and anyone who just needs a document or ebook from the internet. Give it a try!


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