Download And Read Books On iPad For Free With iBooks

One of the major uses iPad owners will be putting their device to is reading eBooks. In addition to that, since the iPad is equipped with a speaker, iPad owners will be looking for applications that allow them to use audiobooks as well. For the eBook

enthusiast iPad owner, the ideal application would be something that successfully merges eBooks and audiobooks, and goes a step further to include the Apple store where eBooks can be purchased from.

All that is offered by iBooks.

iBooks is a free application released by Apple themselves specifically for iPad owners. Device-wise the application is compatible with the iPad only and requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

Apple has created this application with a lot of features for eBook lovers. Users will be able to transfer and read any DRM-free eBook using iBooks. The interface features the ability to change the brightness of the screen as well as select from 5 types faces to choose a font they are comfortable with. Our eBooks library can be sorted by title, author, or category. Finding words and phrases has been also made available.

The iBookstore, Appleā€™s eBook store, is also accessible directly from the application. We can browse books, read sample texts, and purchase eBooks to build up our collection.

iBooks users can also have the application read out their eBooks to them thus converting the eBooks into audiobooks.

A feature-rich application, iBooks is a free treat for iPad owning eBooks enthusiasts.

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