DivShare for Sale?

DivShare, the free file hosting site did come with a bang. It did expand quickly due to its easy integration with WordPress as well as Facebook.

However, four days back, in a post at DNForum, DivShare has been put up for sale. It seems more like an auction as the price has not been mentioned and the user has been requesting quotes via PM.

Techcrunch caught on the story, which was originally posted at sitesfs and the news of this has spread. Techcrunch states that the developers of DivShare are silent about the sale.

I haven’t used DivShare much, infact only to host a WordPress Upgrade file (have pulled it off since). Similar is the case with other file sharing services that I reviewed.

What makes me wonder is what happens to all your data in case such a service goes bust. I’ve been using Mozy for all my backups, but my suggestion is to put all your important files on atleast another service or a hard-drive.


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