Display TxT Files On Your Desktop with Klogshow

TXT files are used for various purposes. At times we need to note down something and quickly open Notepad, which perfectly suits our purpose. We also use TXT files to create quick to-do lists and create log files, keeping records of a particular activity or program.

If your TXT file contains information which you want always visible, then you have to keep it open all the time. That means that Notepad will take up space on the taskbar and its window will hide everything behind it. The developer of Klogshow thought this through and created the program to facilitate users who want the contents of their TXT files always visible.

A small freeware program compatible with Windows and Linux, Klogshow presents your TXT files on the desktop in a semitransparent window. Have a look:


The window is updated in real time and shows you changes made, if any, to the text file.

The first step required to start using Klogshow is downloading the 5.5MB setup file. Installation is an easy process with no unusual options to choose from.

Once installed, Klogshow starts in your system tray:

Right click on this icon to access the menu:


Clicking ‘Configure’ will let you set the program’s preferences:


In the General tab you can set the opacity level of the Klogshow windows and choose the font styles plus colors.

In the files tab you add the TXT files you want to be shown:


When you click on Save, just right click on the system tray icon again, access ‘Log Select’, and check the files you want displayed:


The checked files will appear in a similar semitransparent window as in the first image.

The program was primarily intended for monitoring log files and TXT files on your PC, it can also be used to chat with people over your network. Suppose the computers you operate forbid instant messaging programs, you can use Klogshow to add a TXT file available on the network server. You and your friend can then type your messages in this TXT file; the Klogshow windows on both your systems will keep on updating as the TXT files is changed.

Although Klogshow is a program serving quite a number of purposes, it can be further improved. A major improvement would to hide the program’s entry in the taskbar. For each file you open, a taskbar entry appears. This is quite unnecessary considering the system tray icon stays there as it is; if this issue is amended, a lot of Notepad users will migrate to Klogshow.

Apart from its minor shortcomings, the program still provides enough functionality to be given a try. It will surely benefit the creative user.


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