Digg’s Design Update Overated?

Digg has updated its page design which has received a good amount of news today.

However, one report that interested me the most was the post on Mashable.

The social news site Digg announced some updates today that are generating lots of fawning, as usual. The changes are neat, but it seems that Digg is being congratulated for sneezing these days – the adulation is way out of proportion to the site’s size and influence.


But let’s face it: Digg is always overhyped in the blogosphere. They have 700,000 or so registered users, they say – that’s a large number, but a good proportion of the social networks covered here have user numbers in the millions and hardly get any recognition. MySpace adds that many users in a week. The main reason is traffic: bloggers want it, and Digg can deliver it. There’s also the fact that most bloggers are tech-oriented, and favor tech-related sites.

I couldn’t have said it better.


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