Defend CyberSpace with a Massive Multiplayer Online Game Bots

Being a Sci-Fi buff I normally play through any kind of video game that is set in the future and has robots!

Today’s BOTS is no exception! Designed as a Massive Multiplayer online game (aka MMOG), BOTS story sets you as one of the many robots who need to defend cyberspace from `corrupted sectors’ that are turning your BOT buddies into nasty goons. As with all MMOG’s you have the ability to Buy, trade, upgrade/customize your Bots battle ability and of course, destroy anything that isn’t part of your team!


The graphics are pretty neat I especially liked the unique camera angle that was positioned just right for me (ie. not too far away with tiny characters on-screen and clutter, and not too close to limit my field of view)


The bots themselves are ok too of course any games merits are based on its gameplay and BOTS gives you three fun modes of play:

Player vs Viruses: the closest thing to an `arcade game’ for an MMORPG! You can either play alone or with many players (ie co-op mode)  against computer controlled opponents (the Virus Bots) as you progress and earn experience and Gigas points which increase your level, the enemy bots often drop goodies after being defeated.

Player vs. Player – your standard deathmatch or team deathmatch mode.

PvP Base Mode: Similar to Capture the flag except you need to go the extra step and really destroy the opposing teams camp!  The best part? The Game is FREE! Sign up now to kick some Bot!

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