CSSdrive Provides an Easy way to Extract Colors Online

There are a lot of occasions when one need to extract colors from different pictures. For example, while setting up your Adsense on a blog you need to blend the colors with the theme so that they look more attractive to your visitors. There may be various programs to get the job done but if you are on the go and need to get the job done then you need to check out Colors Pallete Generator.

If you are a graphics designer, or in any field that requires interactions with colors, Colors Pallete Generator  can prove to be an amazingly simple, and immensely useful tool.


The main function of  this application is to extract all colors from a given picture, and then present all the colors which are included in the picture.

Let us use this picture:


The trained eye can see that in this picture exists an entire array of various colors which cannot be extracted easily.

Now, we proceed to upload this image to CSS Drive. You can upload an image even if it is not store on your own PC; in that case, you need to provide the URL of the image, and CSS Drive will upload it.


Within a second, CSS Drive extracts all the beautiful colors from the image, no matter how complex it is, and displays the color palette, classifying them as light, medium, and dark. At the bottom, you can see the complete color palette. Colors can be selected and the 8 selected colors are shown in a horizontal list to the right, which is visible in the screenshot above.

As your mouse pointer hover over a color, its hexadecimal color code is shown by CSS Drive, so you choose the same color in some other application you are running.

At the bottom of the webpage a user can see the following two options:


Therefore, the option of saving the colors in CSS or ACO formats is also available.

CSS Drive is a powerful, yet small and free utility which make life easier for a lot of graphic designers.

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